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Find Funding Faster.

This tool compiles veteran grant data from direct reporting of grants by foundations, IRS tax returns, foundation websites, and other public sources. Now you'll find information concerning more than 73,000 grants made by more than 12,000 funders to 5,000 recipient organizations. Data added weekly & currently the tool includes veteran & military grant history that exceeds $2.3 Billion!

Your resource development team will want to explore this new tool to better identify appropriate donors you should cultivate relationships with. Drill down into each grant to better understand if it aligns with your location and mission. When you find ones that do, start cultivating a relationship that leads to investment!

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Purchasing Point


You buy stuff almost every day. How would you like to save an average 33% on supplies and services from more than 200 vendors? How much more could you do for your clients with these dollars back in your accounts?

NAVSO nonprofit members now have access to PurchasingPoint. Member organizations can receive discounts on day-to-day business expenses like office supplies, car rentals, nonprofit insurance and more.

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Measuring Communities

Measuring Communities

Measuring Communities is an online interface that allows users to compare data about specific geographic areas and learn about how well local military and veteran families are being served. This powerful tool allows you to obtain military-specific information about communities’ strengths and gaps in 10 different domains, including medical care, behavioral health and a community’s demographics. Data have been gathered from more than 30 sources generating more than 50 indicators, including national organizations like the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense and Tricare, the military health-care provider. Other sources come from state-specific entities, such as state government or health and welfare organizations. 

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Transition Intelligence Dashboard

Do you offer programs and services directly affecting service member transition? Do you help veterans find meaningful careers? Then you'll want to access this new resource.
This interactive tool is brought to you via NAVSO's partnership with Military-Transition. The pages depicted within this resource show the real-time results of an ongoing survey of recently transitioned service members that can help organizations build a stronger donor case by helping quantify the problems organizations are trying to solve.
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