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Combined Arms Institute FAQs

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NAVSO has joined forces with Combined Arms and relaunched as the Combined Arms Institute 

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Maximize the impact of the
veteran-serving community


Veterans and military families have access to
high-quality services in the communities
where they live 



When did this become official? 

October 20, 2020

What do I need to do? What happens next? 

Nothing!!! Over the next month, we will be integrating our teams, merging our CRMs, and refining the united strategy. Look out for communications from the Combined Arms Institute with exciting announcements about the Military Influencer Conference, VetsAid, and other professional development opportunities. This is information you will not want to miss! Current NAVSO members will continue to have access to their online accounts. We will walk you through the process as we redesign the Combined Arms Institute page. 

What does this mean for my membership? 

In the short term - nothing! All the resources you have currently available to you will remain available through  Going forward, you’ll see us add to the resources available as we work through the long term strategy and research resources that impact our VSOs the most. You’ll be notified when we officially move over any resources into the CAX member portal so you won’t miss a thing!

Why aren’t you staying as NAVSO? 

Words matter. We listened to feedback from our members. Part of our 2020 strategy was to move away from the “association” feel of NAVSO and focus on providing tools and resources that advance the professional development of organizations. We collectively agreed that being an Institute encompassed our desire to uplift and share best practices across the veteran-serving community. 

Is Combined Arms the same as Combined Arms Institute?

Yes and no. We’re all the same team under Combined Arms though the Institute is programming within the Combined Arms organization focused on professional development for VSOs nationwide. Educational content, data resources, professional development, networking & collaboration will all function within the Institute side of Combined Arms as it was when we were NAVSO. 

Will there be membership fees be going forward? 

Membership fees will not be part of the model going forward but we are open to outside investment to fund the Institute. In 2020, we have been working with funders to cover membership costs and renewals through grants. We plan to continue to aggressively pursue that model going forward. Helping us frame the case for what tools and resources you find the most valuable is welcomed. 

I already have a partnership with Combined Arms through an MOU but nothing formal with NAVSO. What does this mean for my org? 

Welcome! If you already are working with Combined Arms, you are welcome to participate in any programming that the Institute offers. We encourage you and your teams to participate and engage in all the resources that the Combined Arms Institute (formerly NAVSO) has to offer. 

I am not yet formally working with Combined Arms nor do I have an active membership with NAVSO? How can I participate? 

Everyone is welcome to participate in programming through the Combined Arms Institute. Sign up to receive information and updates using the form on this webpage. 

What is one thing my organization can take advantage of right now? 

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For now all of the below resources remain live on this website. Feel free to login to your accounts to access these tools and resources.   


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