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Our Story

In March 2013 NAVSO made a commitment to the American public to transform the veterans services marketplace by focusing exclusively on improving the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the countless resources available to our nation's veterans, military families, wounded warriors, and families of the fallen across the public and private sector. Since then, we have made great progress, but the work must continue.
By creating cross-cutting collaboration tools and services, identifying gaps in service across the country and shifting resources and efforts to mitigate those gaps, we have improved how these important services are delivered in many areas, allowing other organizations to join in the effort. Specifically, the work we do provides the men and women who serve our nation the opportunity to:
  • improve their education; 
  • obtain and maintain meaningful employment;
  • access their earned benefits concerning housing, healthcare, and financial assistance, and;
  • gain access to a variety of well-being services available from public and private sources.
Our collaborative process employs tools and services that address gaps in service for our Nation's veterans and military families. We leverage technology to join together veteran-serving organizations in a national network to improve collaboration, inform research, offer educational programing and facilitate evaluation of meaningful services.
We remain the only organization in the nation focused exclusively on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of veteran services across the public and private sector. NAVSO is motivated to serve the nation’s veterans and military families’ best interests, and ensure the continuance of the all-volunteer force as a matter of national security. 
Want to learn more about our story? Watch our CEO and Founder's story of "why NAVSO" here.



More than 2.5 million men and women in uniform have fought in armed conflicts since the attacks of September 11th. Many of them have experienced traumatic events, suffered injuries, and endured personal loss. All of them, regardless of their role or exposures in the combat environment, return differently than when they left for war. In truth, the war has profoundly  affected the warrior and the family. In the next 5 years, over one million men and women will leave military service and enter the civilian workforce or institutions of higher learning. 
There are over 40,000 non-profit organizations in the United States with missions that specifically focus on the needs of service members, veterans, and their families.  Yet, many of these  organizations operate in silos or stovepipes; unaware of others with the same drive, mission, and purpose. Many of these organizations are unaware of other organizations or government  agencies that may be in a position to partner or improve their services.  
While some communities are starting to work towards collaborating, these efforts are largely limited by geography. Rarely do organizations providing complementary services collaborate beyond a few hundred miles. While this model works for the most local of services, in the great majority of circumstances is highly inefficient and costly to organizations as they struggle to find similar solutions to similar problems. Despite the best intentions, often, the result is duplication of effort, widening gaps in service, or wasted resources.
Even when working together, many organizations struggle with two central questions: where are the veterans in my community and what are their most-pressing needs?
Well beyond the good feeling we get from thanking a service member or veteran for serving, our Nation has an opportunity to leverage the immense value these men and women bring to our communities and workplaces. After hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested into each one of them through myriad levels of training these men and women return to our communities as leaders with highly sought-after characteristics such as accountability, loyalty, persistence, flexibility, and a heart for continued service.
Through improved, shared situational awareness, unlimited collaboration, and guided resource allocation, our Nation can accelerate the efforts to fill the gaps in service for today’s veterans and military families. Enter NAVSO. NAVSO serves as a backbone support organization that provides comprehensive services to our national network:
  • Research: NAVSO oversees and funds evidence-based, actionable research concerning the evolving needs of veterans and military families and the leading solutions facilitating their success.
  • Educate:  NAVSO educates its members on its research, provides quality benchmarks and shares best practices while providing actionable ways to implement them in their community. NAVSO educates its members through online webinars, speaking engagements, and conferences.
  • Consult:  NAVSO experts advise veteran-serving organizations, government agencies and corporations to help them identify key areas of need and to improve their services for veterans and military families.
  • Collaborate:  NAVSO facilitates collaboration by creating a shared vision around high-impact and evidence-based benchmarks. Through the NAVSO network, member organizations have access to toolkits, shared data, participation in national task forces, similar organizations and other stakeholders like government agencies, corporations and philanthropy.     
  • Evaluate:  NAVSO supports its members by providing quality benchmarks and helping organizations measure the effectiveness of their programs. NAVSO believes evidence-based decision-making will ultimately help more organizations deliver higher quality services to more veterans and their families.



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