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"Your Grant Map has replaced all the tools we previously used to identify proven donors."

Prospect Better: Improve your prospecting through our Grant Map. This dynamic tool, updated weekly with new grant data, allows organizations access to over $2B worth of data to prospect better and win more grants! 

Save Money: Our Group Purchasing Portal allows organizations to save hundreds of dollars on vendors you use every day. This tool alone pays for a NAVSO membership.

Get Highlighted: Through our Member Spotlight, we have an opportunity to shine the light on your great work, every time we receive a call from an investor on where to send their money. The next check may be coming your way! 


  • connectConnect
  • collaborateCollaborate
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  • succeedSucceed


Additional tools for:
Employees and Volunteers-
  • Find Grant Funding Faster using our exclusive (Grant Map)
  • Receive discounts on select vendors as a nonprofit employee through PurchasingPoint
  • Get highlighted to funders who want to know about your great work (Member Spotlight)
  • Spend less time searching for important and relevant information via our collection of resources (Library)
  • Become more effective at meeting the complex needs of veterans and military families via our courses (Tools > Courses)
  • Attend our webinars or replay prior webinars at no additional cost (Events)
Organizations, Companies and Agencies-
  • Better identify donors through our Grant Map that contains $2B worth of grant data
  • Can better identify veterans, their locations and their needs via (Measuring Communities)
  • Spend less time training entry-level employees and interns by using our collection of resources and courses to help them self-educate
  • Gain access to the latest information concerning veterans and their needs
  • Accelerate their effects by leveraging new relationships
  • Nonprofit organizations can access discounts to office supplies, rental cars, insurance and more…These savings alone can pay for the cost of your membership! PurchasingPoint (exclusive to paid members)



Our Focus Areas and Services

NAVSO provides essential resources to those who serve veterans and military families so they are more effective in meeting their needs. Collectively, these services improve the veteran services marketplace so families find quality programs when and where they are needed:

  • Research: NAVSO oversees and funds evidence-based, actionable research concerning the evolving needs of veterans and military families and the leading solutions facilitating their success.
  • Educate: NAVSO educates service providers via research results, provides quality benchmarks and shares best practices while providing actionable ways to implement them in their community. NAVSO educates through online webinars, speaking engagements and conferences.
  • Consult: NAVSO experts advise veteran-serving organizations, government agencies and corporations to help them identify key areas of need and to improve their services for veterans and military families.
  • Collaborate: NAVSO facilitates collaboration by creating a shared vision around high-impact, evidence-based benchmarks. Through the NAVSO network, member organizations have access to toolkits and shared data; participate in national task forces; and connect with like-minded organizations and other stakeholders such as government agencies, corporations and philanthropy.     
  • Evaluate: NAVSO provides quality benchmarks and helps organizations measure the effectiveness of their programs. NAVSO believes evidence-based decision-making will ultimately help more organizations deliver higher-quality services to more veterans and their families.


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“…having a centralized organization that can help us all to coordinate, collaborate and stay informed is incredibly useful.”

“Calls with donors are being set up that we would not have been able to have without you”

“I love being part of a community of experts dedicated to solving these problems.”

“This info was exactly what I need for a board strategic planning session this Friday. Right on and timely for our battle planning and strategic direction.”

"I was very satisfied with the webinar and signed up for a 3 year subscription. I have already recommended NAVSO to some other non-profits."



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