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Deliver for Success: NAVSO's Grant Success Formula, Part 5

December 18, 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm


NAVSO’s powerful new Grant Success Formula six-part series is designed to help fundraisers and members win more grants and save time while doing so.

“Congratulations, you got the grant!”  Now what?  

The Deliver for Success webinar is designed to help you manage your grant the day after all those congratulatory emails have stopped coming. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understand how to protect your VSO during the grant contracting process and make your donor happy at the same time
  • Know how to systematically launch and coordinate your grant internally
  • Recognize when and how to approach a funder when the grant is facing challenges
  • Apply effective strategies for engaging and building relationships with donors during the grant period
  • Recognize when and how to begin conversations about renewal grants
  • Understand what funders are expecting in terms of communication and delivery throughout the project   

In this series, NAVSO brings together a dynamic group of fundraisers, program professionals and foundation officers who will share their decades of knowledge and perspective on how you can increase your chances for successful grantsmanship.

Participants will learn how to raise more money by applying the Grant Success Formula to their own organizations, including how to effectively and efficiently Prospect, Screen, Write, Cultivate, Deliver and Measure and Report.

This webinar is designed especially for senior resource development staff, grant writing teams or members of foundation relations. 

Meredith Beck
Kate Horner
Co-Managing Director
Forward Motion Strategies



Meredith Beck
Ms. Beck has dedicated over 15 years to the veteran and military community, serving most recently as a strategic and programmatic consultant for several veteran-serving non-profit organizations. She offers a deep knowledge of programs, philanthropy, and legislative policy related to veterans’ issues, having previously served as the Senior Charitable Investments Advisor for the Bob Woodruff Foundation and as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs under Secretary James Peake. Prior to those roles, she was the National Policy Director for the Wounded Warrior Project and also served as the Military Legislative Assistant to Senator Lindsey Graham, a member of both the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee. She also served for five years on the staff of Senator John Warner, former Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  She currently resides in Arlington, VA with her husband and two young sons.  

Kate Horner
Kate has over a decade of experience working across all functions of nonprofit management on causes related to human rights and veterans. She has supported new and established organizations to develop, pilot, and sell innovative programs and member organizing strategies, and has experience creating easy-to-use monitoring and evaluation tools to measure success. Kate is a trained storyteller and a believer in the power of stories to build community and
deepensupporters’s connection and commitment to causes. She has a masters degree in public administration from NYU and a certificate in nonprofit management from Georgetown. She is the proud sister of a U.S. Marine veteran.