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Prospecting for Success: NAVSO's Grant Success Formula, Part 1

August 30, 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

With our Prospecting for Success webinar, NAVSO kicks off the powerful new Grant Success Formula six-part series, designed to help fundraisers and members win more grants and save time while doing so.
In this series, NAVSO brings together a dynamic group of fundraisers, program professionals and foundation officers who will share their decades of knowledge and perspective on how you can increase your chances for successful grantsmanship.
Participants will learn how to raise more money by applying the Grant Success Formula to their own organizations, including how to effectively and efficiently Prospect, Screen, Write, Cultivate, Deliver and Measure and Report.
The Prospecting for Success webinar will be devoted to making sure you can successfully target your search for new funders using exciting new tools, knowledge and tips, including
  • Recognizing the ingredients of the NAVSO formula for grant success, and how these can positively impact your organization’s fundraising bottomline
  • Applying one simple rule to your work: that the key to success is increasing your efficiency in identifying, researching, qualifying and applying for grants
  • Using a new, systematic process for researching and identifying potential funders
  • Learning to use NAVSO’s powerful GrantMap tool to more efficiently identify potential funders that may be a strong fit for your program, with better results
This webinar is designed especially for senior resource development staff and members of the foundation relations or grant writing team.


Suzanne Buckner Laia Grino
Suzanne Buckner
The Grant Writing Company
Laia Grino

Director, Data Discovery

Foundation Center

Suzanne Buckner
A national grant writing expert, Suzanne launched her company out of deep desire to help more people across a wider spectrum of needs and challenges.  Suzanne received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Deaf Studies from California State University, Northridge, where she began grant writing as a young student.   After years of working as a daytime grant writer for a nonprofit, she began fielding constant requests to help other organizations secure funding after work and on weekends. Deeply moved by the sheer number of worthy causes, Suzanne envisioned a consulting arrangement that would allow her to simultaneously help dozens of nonprofits without artificial employment or exclusivity limitations.   In the twenty years since the company was founded, it has raised tens of millions of dollars supporting national and regional programs for health, human services, education, the arts, disabilities, veterans, poverty, the environment, human rights, ethnicity, and culture.   Whether she is writing grants to provide arts education to inner-city kids or to map the human brain, Suzanne believes that money can do incredible good in the world and her vocation is to move it where it can do the most good.  She has served nearly 100 nonprofit organizations in her career, and her funded grant proposals have impacted the lives of more than one million needy people across the globe.   

Laia Griñó
Laia leads the Data Discovery team's efforts to uncover new datasets and prototype them into the Foundation Center's growing suite of services for philanthropy. This includes expanding Foundation Center’s data about philanthropy outside of the United States as well as about different forms of philanthropy beyond grantmaking, such as impact investing. Before joining Foundation Center, Laia was Director of Transparency, Accountability and Results at InterAction, where she led the organization’s work related to nonprofit and federal government transparency, open data, and monitoring, evaluation and learning.