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As a part of the National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations (NAVSO),
nonprofit organizations join us as they serve veterans, caregivers & military families. 
Our association of like-minded VSOs have committed to 
growing their 501c3s in various capacities.
NAVSO members find funding, faster to ultimately serve veterans, better.

NAVSO Members, you have the privilege of displaying the NAVSO Member Organization logo as a commitment to serving the active duty, veterans, caregivers & military spouses. 

You Serve Them. We Serve You.™

NAVSO members have permission to use this logo in a variety of ways:
1. Online on an approved organizational website along with various social media platforms and email signature blocks.
2. In the member organization's physical offices.
3. In advertisements, promotional materials, trade show displays, websites, email, and publications relevant to their membership.
Organizations displaying the above logo are a part of our association. These organizations have made a choice to join NAVSO and choose to represent this logo on their own. This logo does not represent an endorsement, benchmark, backing or any solicitation on behalf of NAVSO or any affiliate partners that we have. NAVSO makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or financial standing of the members within our association. No warranty of any kind is implied, expressed, or statutory, is included with NAVSO membership. If at any time an organization ceases to be a member, it will immediately discontinue any use of that logo. For questions or inquiries, please reach us at 


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