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Google launches career site to attract veterans

Brett Molina | USA Today

Google unveiled a new website on Tuesday hoping to lure military veterans to work at the tech giant.

The Veterans hubs is an extension of Google's career page, offering information on available jobs and how military service can translate to working at the company.

"We're very intersted in hiring veterans," says Carrie Laureno of Google Creative Labs. "We know that veterans are very successful when they come to work at Google. We want to hire more of them."

For those veterans who don't want to work at Google, there are still resources available to aid the transition, including virtual classes and a tool to format resumes.

Sarah Kitchens, program manager at a Google data center in South Carolina, knows the experience of shifting from military to civilian life. She left the Navy in 2006 to work at a nuclear power plant before encountering a Google table at a job fair on base.

Kitchens says veterans would be surprised to learn how their skills could translate into a role at a tech company like Google. "I wish that veterans knew that we have all these jobs available," she says. "You don't necessarily have to be a software engineer to be a great fit here. We have so many different roles and niches."

This isn't Google's first attempt reaching out to veterans. In 2012, they launched the Google Veterans Network, an employee resource group for those who served in the military.

"Veterans have unique skills and experience, and arrive with a devotion to teamwork that goes a long way around here," said David Drummond, Google's chief legal officer and founding executive sponsor of the Veterans Network. "They're among our greatest assets, both as a company and as a nation."