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NAVSO 2-Year Anniversary Part 2: What's Next?

Chris Ford, CEO | NAVSO

Part 2 of 3
At NAVSO, we’re squarely focused on improving the lives of veterans and military families by transforming the veteran services marketplace. For our nonprofit members, we’re continually improving our existing tools and adding new resources to help them work more effectively and efficiently in meeting their client’s needs and in running their organizations well. Similarly, we’re working with existing and prospective funders who want to get more out of their grantmaking. We find many of these organizations actively seek additional insights outside the grantmaking cycle and we’re honored to serve as that sounding board for many of them. In one specific example, we’re sitting on a gold mine of information relating to veteran employment and we’ll be working with businesses (and nonprofits) to improve veteran employment outcomes across the country.
To the latter (veteran employment), we’ve held three summits focused on veteran employment in partnership with the Call of Duty Endowment, Deloitte and most recently, the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation. Coupled with our five veteran employment webinars delivered in partnership with CEB Global, we’re postured to harvest this rich set of information and convert it into useable segments businesses, nonprofits and veterans can use to reduce veteran unemployment and underemployment. With the help of a few new steering committee members, we’ll digest and share this information later this year.
While we are on the topic, ever wonder what value veterans bring to the workforce? Watch my interview with ResCare to learn more.
Similar to our work on employment, we’ve pulled together a steering committee to help us better understand veteran entrepreneurship success determinants. With thought leaders from companies and nonprofits like Task Force X Capital, StreetShares, IVMF, Patriot Boot Camp, Bunker Labs and others, we’ll gain a better understanding of veteran entrepreneurial success so resources aimed at supporting their efforts can be shifted appropriately.
In all that we do, we always look for great partners and supporters who can multiply our impacts and extend our reach. With amazing companies and foundations like Deloitte, CEB Global and SHRM Foundation, we’re ensuring the leading practices for serving and employing veterans no longer remain trade secrets but are known and leveraged around the nation. We’ll be doing more of this in 2017. Look for events or resources “Powered by NAVSO.”
Why does supporting veterans and military families matter anyway?
While most Americans affiliated with military service are thriving in their communities, many still face daily or periodic struggles as they adjust to life after military service and attempt to integrate into the fabric of their community. For many advocates like me, these challenges were hard to observe and ignore. Personally, I passed on an opportunity to attend War College and retired early from the Air Force so I could get started in helping people find more success in service to the military community.
Many of today’s challenges for our military community arise from the difficult transition from military service to life after the military. Sometimes referred to as the military-civilian divide or unsupported space, it’s a significant issue for men and women who’ve worn the cloth of our nation. But, as J.D. Crouch, President of the USO, articulated at a summit last year, the divide is more of a drift. Learn the difference and how you can help mitigate the drift here.
You can also learn more about the potential causes of the drift and common symptoms that manifest as a result of the drift by watching my presentation at University of Alabama’s Service Member To Civilian Summit.
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