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NAVSO 2-Year Anniversary Part 3: Meet our Amazing Team

Chris Ford, CEO | NAVSO

Part 3 of 3
Since day 1, NAVSO has never been about one person. Sure, as the CEO, I get most of the coverage online and have the most opportunities to speak at summits or conferences. But as my LinkedIn profile clearly states, I work for veterans and military families but serve at the pleasure of our board of directors. We’re an inclusive team focused on the clients served downstream (veterans and military families).
All that we’ve accomplished can be directly attributed to the collective work of our staff, our board of directors, our board of advisors, our partners and our sponsors. This year, we just hired our sixth employee so as you could imagine, we still rely heavily on the time and talents of our volunteer advisors and directors as well as our partners who help us deliver tools and resources to our members.
Not only did we bring on a new employee this year, we also welcomed some tremendous talent to our boards. See our latest press release welcoming Brandon Shelton and Rosemary Williams to our Board of Directors and Dr. David Albright, Nathan Smith and John Williams to our Board of Advisors.
These new additions bring tremendous value to our team which already consists of our founding partners like Travis Manion Foundation and The Ahmanson Foundation; our continued partners at the Call of Duty Endowment, American Humane, CEB Global and Deloitte; and our new partners and sponsors like USAA, SHRM Foundation, GoodUnited, Veterati, PsychArmor and MFRI. Together, we can do so much more to improve the lives of veterans and military families. We look forward to the work ahead and the opportunity to make good on our motto: “You Serve Them. We Serve You.”
Looking forward,
Chris Ford
Founder and CEO