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White House Calls on Business Experts to Develop Effective Military Veteran Job Placement Programs

MakerSquare | PRNewswire

The White House has invited business leaders to a meeting in Washington to explore ideas to improve employment opportunities for military veterans. The Obama administration wants veterans and their families to be able to access innovative, accelerated learning programs that teach IT skills for growth industries and in-demand occupations. Government agencies involved in the discussions will include The Department of Veterans Affairs, Joining Forces,  The Office of Science and Technology, and The Office of the Vice President.

"Emerging technology companies often recognize the value skilled military members and veterans bring to the private markets," said Harsh Patel, co-founder of MakerSquare, a boot camp school designed to build software developers and help place graduates with companies in need of software designers and creators. "The government needs to begin playing a much larger role in helping our vets transition back to civilian life. Helping them get valuable skills and assistance in job placement is a great place to start the process of honoring their service."

MakerSquare, which was invited to join the roundtable at the White House, already offers a scholarship program for veterans.
Men and women from all branches of the military face higher than average unemployment numbers as they transition to civilian life. Those challenges are becoming more complex given the forecast for greater reduction in troop numbers over the next few years. The Obama Administration said it's committed to connecting veterans with meaningful civilian employment and valuable education.

The gathering will include entrepreneurs, thought leaders, social impact experts, policymakers, local leaders, and private sector employers to advise on the design of how to best utilize accelerated learning programs. The discussion will also consider the employer perspective and how new training methodologies can meet growing IT hiring needs.