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Success Formula


NAVSO's Success Formula That Wins
Winning Grants Is A Repeatable Process. NAVSO's Services Can Help You Along the Way.
We know grants are the lifeblood of major nonprofit enterprises.
Winning grants takes some effort but it's a teachable and repeatable process. 





Organizations that do it well:
prospect for the right funders
 screen to ensure eligibility and confirm timing
write strong letters and proposals
cultivate a relationship with the funder along the way
deliver good programs and services, and 
measure and report results to the funder aiming to renew the grant.

But no formula works without certain foundations. Successful organizations must already have a strong foundation
built around a great team, delivering great programs, that measure great results.

It takes more than passion to fuel your mission. NAVSO members
become sustainable when they master this success formula to 
keep serving our nation's veterans.



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